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What happens when the walls that you built to protect the people you love, protect the things that are precious and sacred to you, get destroyed? We're witnessing the constant destruction of walls that were meant to protect people being destroyed by enemy forces. What should our response be? Will we continue to let the walls around us be destroyed or will we rise up and build?
This coming Easter, we invite you to be part of our 3 Day Conference, starting on Good Friday morning at 10am, Friday Night at 7pm, Sat morning at 9am-12pm, then last day Sunday, 10am & 5pm for our UMU & International Night. We have a great lineup of speakers from Africa, the Netherlands, Tonga, and here in Aotearoa. They will share their experiences, Godly wisdom, practical tools, and fresh manna to encourage, uplift, and equip us during our building season.
Invite your friends, neighbours, and your FB Friends list. ?. Hope to see you there.
Stay Blessed ❤

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