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Loving God, Loving People

To make God famous in our city and
beyond as a multi-cultured church
passionate in reaching, raising
and releasing people to serve

Reach, Establish, Disciple, Send

An embracing, empowering, genuine and life giving culture.


WORSHIPPING – A church seeking to make God famous through worship and the hallowing of God’s name through lifestyle and fruitful service. Living lives close to God and seeking to become like Him.

DISCIPLING – A church that encourages a spirit of self-discipline that becomes the bridge between our goals and dreams. Growing in relationship with the Lord through His word, the Holy Spirit and receiving from leadership input. Going onto being people of maturity, influence and fruitful service.

UNITY – A church that is a community of people committed to working together for the cause of Christ in building a dynamic church ministry. A place where belonging, trust and integrity flourish.

SPIRIT FILLED – A church embracing the Holy Spirit in relationship, receiving and using His gifts and serving in His anointing, strength and fullness, enjoying His presence. Having a dynamic faith evident in day to day living and ministry.

REACHING – A church that is a Mission not a club. Seeking to connect people with God and helping our communities to become healthy and whole.An Apostolic church to New Zealand and the Nations.

SERVING – A church with a heart to serve others, a willingness to sacrifice and release grace to other people through our time, energy, resources and gifts.

LOVING PEOPLE – A church of all cultures in their diversity and strengths both here and in the nations. Seeking to restore people and families to wholeness from brokenness and reconciliation with God and man.

– A church encouraging people to live in financial freedom and prosperity, generous to share our resources to further God’s Kingdom.



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