Missy & Carlos DeCosta in Colombia.

Missy and Carlos lead a tremendously effective ‘Mercy’ Ministries based in the city of Bogotá.  They care for 4000 children in several schools located in the poorest areas of Bogotá, Cartagena and other locations.  Missy has been appointed to lead an Organisation that represents many Charitable Ministries (Mercy) in Latin America - currently based in Houston, Texas.

CDA's work includes

  1. 1 hot meal a day,
  2. a good Christian education
  3. medical and dental care
  4. and uniform.
  5. Skills training programme which includes such areas as bakery, jewellery making, sowing, carpentry, hairdressing...etc.

They also care for more than 200,000 in their medical health clinics that are usually attached to the school.  Other services that are provided are Micro Enterprise and Micro Finance opportunities, as well as running an Abandoned Children’s Home (60children).

 They need your prayers  for:

  • protection
  • financial provision
  • favour with Government and local authorities
  • most of all for God’s favour and blessings.

To find out more about their work go to - http://www.cdacolombia.org/