Life before CAP was hard. I was involved in gang activity and was around a lot of drugs and violence – a lot of bad people. Life was quite hard living on the streets. It was a survival thing. It was a tough life and I didn’t know the Lord at that time.

I was getting more and more ill and more and more in debt. I was actually going backwards. The debt made things very hard and I was very confused. I hated it. I hated going to WINZ - every day, going to WINZ to explain myself, so that I could have my power put back on.

I was talking to a friend who told me about an organisation and a church that was really close to where I was staying. And he mentioned something about a CAP program. He told me it was a budgeting service and they’re church-based. I thought I’d take the gamble – it was something different.

When I had contacted CAP, my friend and I got invited to church. It sort of woke me up. I felt like a stranger in a way, because this was not the usual crowd I was used to. I felt safe for the very first time. I felt wanted. I was so blown away. I felt this is the family I’ve always wanted. I was lost for words, even my mate was lost for words. We though, “Wow, church ain’t so bad.”

CAP have done a lot for me. They’ve opened a lot of doors and opportunity to me. They’ve shown me a lot of love, they’ve shown that they care about me and that the Lord loves me. I’m now debt free, thanks to CAP and sticking with the budget. It’s a good feeling, being debt free.

I’m now a Christian and baptised and a member of Hillside Church. Life is just getting better and better. 

I’m a witness to the CAP program. It’s worked for me and many others I know. I’m proud of the whole package: proud of being part of a CAP group and part of the CAP family and most of all being part of a Bible study, learning a lot more about the Lord and getting to know the Lord.

When I look at where I was before and where I am now – I just praise the Lord. I’m glad I took that risk and I took that chance and it has prospered for me.